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Come join the personal training adventure!

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In-person, social distancing fitness training is now being offered. 

Not quite ready for in-person training?

That’s OK ! We’ve got you covered with online virtual training

Each session is customized to assist you in reaching your goals!

Whether you are training for a triathlon, entering a fitness program, or finishing a rehabilitation program — we’ll design a plan just for you! Meet with Joy once or twice weekly and receive individualized fitness programming during each session. Every workout will be slightly different to make your typical workout into a fun, heart-pounding adventure. You will be encouraged to stick to your realistic goals despite life’s ups and downs. Make your first step and contact Joy today!

Joy will come to you virtually,  meet you safely with social distancing or train you with enthusiasm on the trail.  She is excited to offer her fitness expertise in this beautiful community of Winona Lake, Indiana!

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