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Is it normal to feel uncomfortable training virtually with someone I don’t know?2020-04-24T01:08:50+00:00

Yes, it is! It’s important for you to feel comfortable. Meet with Joy for a free 15-minute consultation to make certain this is the right fit for you.

So much has changed in my life. Will adding another thing really help?2020-04-24T01:15:01+00:00

We understand how you’re feeling. That’s why creating a personalized, consistent training schedule that bolsters your success is key right now. Setting 30 minutes aside to help yourself get back to feeling connected, valuable, and empowered is so important. Practice self-care.

Will I get the results I want?2020-04-24T01:16:28+00:00

We have found that if you are motivated to make a change, it happens whether you are working out in a gym or in your home. In a lot of ways, people have found virtual training to be better because of the customization and accountability of their training with Joy.

Okay – technology is always a problem. Is this easy to do?2020-04-24T01:17:16+00:00

Yes! All you need is a device (such as an iPad) to join these sessions. Our team will walk you through the technology and answer any questions you have. Don’t let technical difficulties keep you from reaching your goals!

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