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Getting a personal trainer seems expensive. What sets Personalized Fitness for You apart?2024-04-02T22:46:36+00:00

The cost of a personal trainer might compel you to stay home and follow YouTube tutorials, but here’s what you won’t get with online workout videos: a personal connection with someone who cares about your fitness journey and a customized plan that can change based on your needs. At Personalized Fitness For You, I offer that and more.

When can I see a personal trainer after surgery?2024-04-02T22:45:37+00:00

Generally after your physical therapy sessions are complete we can continue with the exercises you have been prescribed and continue building strength to meet your overall fitness goals. Your doctor or physical therapist can give you a better idea on when you are ready to transition. It’s important to complete your therapy before beginning your personal training adventure! Personalized Fitness For You specializes in functional movement and taking you to the next level after your completed therapy sessions.

Is it worth paying for a personal trainer?2024-04-02T22:45:18+00:00

Working with a personal trainer can help you improve your health and wellness more quickly than you would on your own. Beyond a customized workout plan, I provide accountability, encouragement and assistance to help you reach your goals.


I saw your studio is in northern Indiana, do you take clients from other states?2024-04-02T22:44:22+00:00

Absolutely. No matter where you live, we can “meet” to discuss your fitness goals and make sure you have the knowledge and tools to reach them. Meeting virtually is a great efficient use of time and a great way to stay right where you are in the comforts of your own home.

Your website says you do in-person and virtual…can they be mixed?2024-04-02T22:43:52+00:00

Yes! If you sign up for in-person meetings and you travel for work, we can simply switch that week’s meeting to a virtual experience. Also, if you need me to meet with you while on vacation, I can accommodate that, as well.

Is it normal to feel uncomfortable training virtually with someone I don’t know?2020-04-24T01:08:50+00:00

Yes, it is! It’s important for you to feel comfortable. Meet with Joy for a free 15-minute consultation to make certain this is the right fit for you.

So much has changed in my life. Will adding another thing really help?2020-04-24T01:15:01+00:00

We understand how you’re feeling. That’s why creating a personalized, consistent training schedule that bolsters your success is key right now. Setting 30 minutes aside to help yourself get back to feeling connected, valuable, and empowered is so important. Practice self-care.

Will I get the results I want?2020-04-24T01:16:28+00:00

We have found that if you are motivated to make a change, it happens whether you are working out in a gym or in your home. In a lot of ways, people have found virtual training to be better because of the customization and accountability of their training with Joy.

Okay – technology is always a problem. Is this easy to do?2020-04-24T01:17:16+00:00

Yes! All you need is a device (such as an iPad) to join these sessions. Our team will walk you through the technology and answer any questions you have. Don’t let technical difficulties keep you from reaching your goals!


What is the difference between a health coach and a wellness coach?2024-04-02T22:49:55+00:00

Health and wellness coaches are very similar! Health coaching primarily focuses on physical movement and specific health goals (like recovering the use of muscles post-surgery or improving lifestyle with a diabetes diagnosis) while wellness coaching is a more general approach to well-being. Check out the coaches in your area (like Personalized Fitness For You!) and ask questions to find out what coach is best for you.

What does a health coach do?2024-04-02T22:49:37+00:00

A health coach will partner and collaborate with you as you strive to personalize your path to health and wellness. Becoming aware, discovering, and levering your strengths for positive behavior change are the steps towards a plan for a healthier version of you! All of us can use a little help to get started with a plan. A health coach works alongside specialists to make certain you are receiving a whole-istic approach to health.

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