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Putting the pieces together for holistic wellness.

A health coach might be for you if you find yourself asking these questions:

  • Do you need help putting all the wellness pieces together?
  • Are you presently feeling stuck?
  • Are you desiring to become healthier and have some idea but need support to execute your plan? Are you working on your health but finding it a challenge to stay on track?
  • Do you know what you need to do for your health but haven’t done it yet? Do you have several ideas and goals for your health but don’t know where to start?

We are all capable. All of us have strengths to draw from. Let health coaching help you discover the path and direction you desire for a healthier you.

Joy will partner and collaborate with you as you strive to personalize your path to health and wellness. Becoming aware, discovering, and levering your strengths for positive behavior change are the steps towards a plan for a healthier version of you! All of us can use a little help to get there.

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  • Enjoy 30-minute sessions, meeting once or twice weekly.

  • Utilize a user-friendly online system for effective communication.

  • Connect virtually while on the go! Stay fit when you’re away on a business trip or vacationing.

  • Coaching is a collaborative partnership, but you’re the expert!

What Makes PFFY Different

“I began working with Joy in the summer of 2019. When I began training, she let me know she and her husband may be moving in a few weeks from Seymour to the Winona Lake area. So, I admittedly, was sad to lose a friend and a perfect trainer.  However, the beauty of this was that she would move to an area she enjoyed, and I would still get to train with her virtually! I am happy to say it has worked out really well, and my body hasn’t felt so strong in years.  I love how she personalizes everything we work on — whether I am suffering from vertigo, plantar fasciitis, or preparing for a long trip with lots of walking! I strongly recommend Joy to anyone. Don’t let the situation of a video connection throw you! It is all quite simple!”
– Rhonda

Health coaching will teach you to leverage your strengths. Start today!

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10 session package $440
20 session package for $720

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