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Each session is customized to assist you in reaching your goals!

Whether you are training for a triathlon, entering a fitness program, or finishing a rehabilitation program — we’ll design a personal training plan just for you!

Meet with Joy once or twice weekly and receive individualized fitness programming. Every personal training session will be slightly different to make your typical workout into a fun, heart-pounding adventure. You will be encouraged to stick to your realistic goals despite life’s ups and downs. Make your first step and contact Joy today.

Joy will come to you virtually, meet you in-person at the studio or train you with enthusiasm on the trail. She is excited to offer her fitness expertise in the beautiful community of Warsaw/Winona Lake, IN!

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  • Meet your goals with a personalized, holistic exercise program.

  • Choose your session frequency: once or twice a week.

  • Utilize a user-friendly online system for effective communication.

  • Receive regular encouragement and accountability.

  • Meet for in-person or virtual training session!

What Makes PFFY Different

“I participated in Joy’s Fit 55 (for those 55 years or wiser) class for several years as well as participating in personal training. Joy is so knowledgeable and understands our needs. The class stressed balance, strength and core. Plus, the classes were so much fun! We all became close friends and a new exercise ‘family’ was formed.”

– Bobbi

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