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Please complete the below Training Policies form.

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  • Please be ready to begin each session at your scheduled time. If you, the client, do arrive late, the training session unfortunately will not be extended or made up. Should you wish to reschedule an appointment, I will do my best to accommodate your request. If you should change or cancel your appointment time, please give Personalized Fitness for You, LLC 48 hours of notice. Otherwise you will be charged for the session. Personalized Fitness for You, LLC requests that a seven-day notice be given in the event of vacations or absences during the term of the personal training contract. Sessions paid in advance will be held as credits to your account. These credits cannot be redeemed for cash value. If 28 consecutive days pass with no activity to your account, unused sessions will be forfeited. Payments must be received prior to beginning your session package. Make time to prepare a space for your workout prior to our session beginning. Please wear comfortable workout clothing to each session. To promote a positive and respectful environment, please refrain from foul language. If the trainer needs to reschedule your appointment, she will notify you immediately. Please shut off all electronic devices (e.g. cell phones) during your workout session—unless of course your job or family requires you to be accessible. If you are participating in the tandem team program, please note the following: -If one person can’t commit to a session, the two of you may reschedule within 7 days. Otherwise, you will lose your session.
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