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Joy Grout, the owner of Personalized Fitness For You, has more than 30 years of fitness and health experience, supported by a Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic recreation. She has worked with a variety of populations in clinical and community-based settings, and she possesses various certifications from national fitness organizations. Her diverse set of experiences allows her to focus on your individual needs and design a program specifically for you.

As a fitness enthusiast, Joy is passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and assisting individuals in improving their total wellness program by focusing on the spirit, mind, and body. In addition to meeting clients in the studio for personal training, Joy loves teaching creative group fitness classes. From teens to older adults, she teaches a variety of group classes and fitness levels in the community. Joy challenges participants while encouraging them to choose the fitness level and pace that is best for their bodies. Check out her group fitness class schedule to become part of a community fitness program. 

Joy lives in Winona Lake, IN, and currently offers virtual training sessions as well as in-person /social distancing training sessions.

You can be confident Joy will hear your needs and respond by providing an individual training program that will make a difference – one step at a time!

  • 30 years of experience
  • Experience in clinical and community-based settings
  • Functional Movement Specialist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Orthopedic Specialist
  • Functional Aging Specialist
  • Bachelor’s of Science: Therapeutic Recreation

Quotes by Members

“Joy makes personal training just that — personal. From the goals you are trying to achieve to the music in the speakers, Joy is extremely thoughtful about catering the smallest details to the needs of her clients. The ultimate success of any training program rests on the individual client, but Joy Grout hands you everything you need to not only succeed in your fitness journey but to thrive in a healthy lifestyle!”


“I participated in Joy’s Fit 55 (for those 55 years or wiser) class for several years as well as participating in personal training. Joy is so knowledgeable and understands our needs. The class stressed balance, strength and core. Plus, the classes were so much fun! We all became close friends and a new exercise ‘family’ was formed.”


“I love working out with Joy as her training is personalized to my goals. She always challenges me with different workouts. I don’t like doing the same thing and she makes certain my workouts are slightly different each time we meet.”


“I have been a client of Joy’s for several years. She recently moved, and I was excited that I could continue with her by using her new virtual training method. I love that I can wake up, roll out of bed, and head conveniently to my computer for a great workout. I don’t have to waste time driving, and I can jump into my shower and head to work. It’s a great workout and I love that I can stay at home.”


“Joy’s classes are structured in such a way where a beginner feels comfortable to take their first step to learn how to move forward in their health, but also where someone more experienced in fitness can train right next to them at their own level. Joy is an expert at making everyone in the room feel comfortable and competent and knowing what level they are at and what each movement needs to look like for them at each individual level of fitness.”


“I have enjoyed the eight years of joining the group classes led by Joy. She creates such a non-threatening, positive environment. Her instruction is clear, supportive and tailored for everyone in attendance. I leave each session feeling stronger, energized and less stressed. Joy is truly gifted and I am so thankful she shares it humbly with those around her.”


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  • Complete the form below, and I'll reach back out to you right away. I look forward to meeting you!