Providing personal fitness from
Warsaw to the World.

Clients have come from a 30-mile radius for their one-on-one sessions. This would be as far North as Goshen, South to Wabash, West to Plymouth, East to Columbia City / Ft. Wayne.  Don’t live in this area? We also serve the whole world virtually.

Where is Personalized Fitness For You

So you live somewhere else?
No Problem – We offer virtual training as well.

We have clients all across the United States from Big Cities to Quaint Small Towns. “We’re ready to add your town to the map”. Our Clients come from places including Boston, Massachusetts, Ithaca, New York, Grand Rapids Michigan, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. The greatest part of your experience is you receive all individualized training without leaving your home, but a guarantee of confidentiality and security. Our one-on-one proprietary video sessions are perfect for anyone regardless of computer skill or athletic ability. All of our clients are helped through the process. Need help setting it up – no problem, that is another reason our name has “Personalized” in it. That’s why we keep virtual clients year after year.

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Care, Wellness, and Health – It’s all here.

Your personal wellness is an essential part of being healthy. Being balanced and having someone keeping you on track, accountable and safe is our priority. Joy will walk with you in your training program so you can get back to living your routine or excelling in your fitness endeavors.

If you need some understanding, support, and confidence – we are here! You need a certified expert we have that covered as well. Contact us at: to ask any questions or visit our FAQ section.

Some of the training and experiences we provide are:

  1. Personal Training
  2. Virtual Training
  3. Strength Training
  4. Bonefit /Bone Health training program
  5. Core Strengthening
  6. Pilates Reformer Training
  7. Balance Training
  8. Functional Movement assessments
  9. Health Coaching
  10. TRX Training
  11. Post-Rehab personalized fitness training
  12. Stability and Mobility Training

Everything is customized to your needs, health, and personal development. Joy has 20 years of experience and certifications with a background/degree in Therapeutic Recreation. She uses all the best practices and principles of the fitness industry, but refuses to put people on off-the-shelf fitness programs that are built for the “General Population”. Every client receives a personalized program that is built working on the foundational movement and building as you go!  We understand everyone is unique. Personalized Fitness for You is exactly what its name states – it’s our guarantee.

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What Makes PFFY Different

“I began working with Joy in the summer of 2019. When I began training, she let me know she and her husband may be moving in a few weeks from Seymour to the Winona Lake area. So, I admittedly, was sad to lose a friend and a perfect trainer.  However, the beauty of this was that she would move to an area she enjoyed, and I would still get to train with her virtually! I am happy to say it has worked out really well, and my body hasn’t felt so strong in years.  I love how she personalizes everything we work on — whether I am suffering from vertigo, plantar fasciitis, or preparing for a long trip with lots of walking! I strongly recommend Joy to anyone. Don’t let the situation of a video connection throw you! It is all quite simple!
Rhonda | Seymour, Indiana –