What does a health coach do?

2024-04-02T22:49:37+00:00April 2nd, 2024|

A health coach will partner and collaborate with you as you strive to personalize your path to health and wellness. Becoming aware, discovering, and levering your strengths for positive behavior change are the steps towards [...]

When can I see a personal trainer after surgery?

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Generally after your physical therapy sessions are complete we can continue with the exercises you have been prescribed and continue building strength to meet your overall fitness goals. Your doctor or physical therapist can give [...]

Is it worth paying for a personal trainer?

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Working with a personal trainer can help you improve your health and wellness more quickly than you would on your own. Beyond a customized workout plan, I provide accountability, encouragement and assistance to help you [...]

Will I get the results I want?

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We have found that if you are motivated to make a change, it happens whether you are working out in a gym or in your home. In a lot of ways, people have found virtual [...]