Walking in cold weather is easier and more enriching than you might think!

Exercising outdoors in all weather has many benefits, including improving your mood and connecting you to nature. Knowing how to properly layer your clothing will help protect you from the dangers of walking in the cold. Keep reading to learn more!

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No excuses: How to layer up for walking in cold weather

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“It’s too cold.” “It’s too hot.” “It’s raining.” Weather-related excuses are some of the most common reasons that walkers don’t walk. But with the right clothing and preparation, almost any type of weather can be walking weather.

A key to staying warm when you’re walking in cold temperatures is to stay dry — and that’s exactly what layering helps you do. By removing layers as you warm up, you’ll avoid excessive sweating, which can cause you to become chilled, especially later in your walk. Then you can replace layers as you cool down to remain warm.

Try this three-step layering system on your next walk. With the right clothing, you might even enjoy winter walking! How warm do you dress according to temperature? keep reading :)

First layer: Start with a light, closest to your skin long sleeve. It is worth it to take the time to explore online companies that stand behind their name for winter weather active gear. Check the reviews carefully! A good place to start is by checking out companies that offer active wear for skiing and running. The proper base layer will pull sweat away from your skin and allow it to dry quickly. I personally love UA brand’s coldgear line. They have a lot of coldgear long sleeves to choose from. It is worth the investment as most likely this active gear will last for many years as it is only worn a couple months out of the year. Watching for sales during the holiday season and after the winter months is a great time to stock up!

Second layer: This is your insulation. Look for a a layer made of a synthetic fabric like Polartec, or a wool blend that provides warmth while wicking away moisture. (Avoid cotton, because it stays wet and you will find yourself chilly and cold). Depending on the temperature, you may want insulating bottoms, too. You can also select different thickness levels for more or less insulation, or double up on this layer if it’s really cold. Name brand hiking and running companies have great legging and active pant options.

Third layer: This one protects you from wind, rain, or snow. A waterproof or water-resistant (depending on where you live) breathable jacket and pants, such as those made of Gore-Tex, will keep you warm and dry. Look for styles with vents that you can easily open and close to stay comfortable. Velcro or drawstrings at your waist and wrists will also prevent cold air from sneaking in. This isn’t always necessary but if its windy its a good option.

Choose a hat and a pair of gloves that will wick away moisture keeping your head warm and dry. Name brand hiking and running companies have some great options.

When choosing layers, dress for a temperature that’s about 10-15 degrees higher than the day’s forecast, because you’ll be generating your own heat as you get moving. And don’t forget to cover your ears, hands, and head.

read the article on health.harvard.edu
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