Lora is pictured above showing her most creative plank for a plank contest we held. I recently asked Lora to share her fitness story. Lora is in her 50’s and has overcome some health challenges. I will be sharing stories each month in hopes that we can all gain…

Q: Why is fitness important to you?
A: Fitness is important to me so I can stay strong. I needed to be stronger to keep up with all my work on the farm as well as household chores

Q: How has fitness helped you?
A: Becoming stronger physically has helped me overcome occasional setbacks more quickly -so my downtime is reduced.

Q: When did you make a commitment to stay fit?
A: I will be celebrating 6 years of fitness in November of 2018.

Q: What is your favorite workout?
A: My favorite workout is just about anything Joy introduces to me. I have a variety of workouts written down. My favorite workout is “ABS 1,2,3” It is a 4 day rotation with a variety of core exercises. given to me by Joy. Also -my leg workouts.

Q: How has your health improved?
A: I am prone to bursitis and being fit has decreased the number of occurrences that I get. This has occurred by improving my overall health.

Q: What motivates you?
A: My motivation is simple- I desire to be fit. I want exercise in my life. I will work to achieve and maintain a strong , flexible body.

Q: Is there an exercise or workout you feel proud of?
A: I feel proud about accomplishing the stability ball pikes and the 5 minute core workouts.

Q: Have you experienced setbacks? If so, what keeps you going?
A: I have had setbacks mainly due to bursitis and low back pain. During this time, I usually head to my workout area and figure out what exercises I can do without pain. I rejoice and enjoy the session as I can still get a workout in.

Q: What is your favorite healthful recipe?
A: My favorite recipe is salmon cakes which is chocked full of sweet potatoes and topped with my homemade tarter (healthful) sauce.

Q: What is your favorite healthful snack?
A: My favorite healthful snack is granny smith apples, nuts, and berries.

Q: What is your favorite quote or verse?
A: “Don’t fear moving slowly forward, Fear standing still”

Thank you to Lora for sharing her fitness story. Lora is an inspiration to me as she never gives up. She modifies to allow her body to continue moving functionally. Lora brings a smile to my face each week early in the morning. She takes great care of her body nutritionally and she has shared some of her wonderful healthful recipes with me. I am blessed to know her and we share similar thyroid history together. Thus..we are kindred thyroid sisters! Thank you Lora for being an inspiration :)